Yoshitama Kenma Giken Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Address: 39-15 Ootakemachi, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki 882-0024
TEL: 0982-22-7891
FAX: 0982-22-7893
President: Kazuya Kusano
Capital: 10 million yen
Established: December 20
Employees: 30
Factory scale: lot area 3,075㎡; building area 1,347㎡

Our Strength

We do machine polishing of ceramics, cemented carbides, metals, and sprayed products, regardless of size, as well as buffing finish of metal products.

Especially for ceramic and cemented carbide products, we excel at machine polishing for large objects that are likely beyond other companies’ capacity. We are always prepared in every possible way in the facility, equipments, and processing technique to handle any type of ceramics and cemented carbides.
Also, recently, we have established the technology to thread ceramic or cemented carbide products (both male and female), and to polish cemented carbide cutter blade tips, hence began producing products using the technology.

As for our buffing finish, we handle from small parts to large tanks. We also travel if necessary.

Our quality, cost and delivery are highly recognized among our customers, as we make tireless efforts on improving our processing technology to reflect the customer needs, in both machine polishing and buffing technique.

Our specialization

  1. Machine polishing: For ceramic and cemented carbide products, we handle cylinder polishing, inner surface polishing, flat surface polishing and threading.
    1. Range of work
      Cylinder polishing Φ:10 to 860; L: 10 to 3,000
      Inner surface polishing Φ: 20 to 750; L: 10 to 850
      Flat surface polishing L: 10 to 1,000; W: 10 to 650; H: 2 to 630
      Rotary flat surface polishing Φ: 10 to 1,000; H: 2 to 450
      Threading Male: MIN Φ10; MAX Φ180
      Threading Female: MIN Φ40; MAX Φ180
    2. Number of machines in possession
      Cylindrical grinder: 10 (including 2 all-purpose grinders)
      Inner surface grinder: 3
      Flat surface grinder: 4
      Rotary flat surface grinder: 2
  2. All-purpose tool grinder: 3; Buff finish: buffing of metal products (we will travel)
    1. Main items
      Inside/outside tank surface, pipe inner surface, metal molds of any kind, machine parts in contact with textile threads, etc.
    2. Number of machines in possession
      Stationary buffing grinder: 2
      Flexible buffing grinder: 10