Taiyo Kohgyo Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Address: 39-160 Ootakemachi, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki 882-0024
TEL: 0982-32-6354
FAX: 0982-35-1113
President and CEO: Takayuki Kajii
Capital: 38.4 million yen
Established: November 1, 1949
Employees: 44
Factory scale: total area…6,600.00㎡; office…476.78㎡; factory…959.70㎡

Our Strength

Our company was established in November 1949 as a factory that manufactures sodium sulfate anhydrous by processing and refining hydrated sodium sulfate generated from Asahikasei’s rayon factory, Nakanose‐machi, Nobeoka City.

After expanding the operation into material sales (cement, steel, machinery, and household equipment), petroleum sales (2 gas stations), metal processing (SS cutting, bending and welding), ready-mix concrete manufacturing and sales (Taiyo Kohgyo Concrete), general freight transportation (Taiyo Kohgyo Transportation), and nonlife and life insurance agency work (Taiyo Insurance Service), the company relocated to Nobeoka Tekko Danchi in November 2003, and joined the Nobeoka Tekko Danchi Cooperative.

We promise a timely delivery of products that meet the customer needs, as an all-round trading company of steel materials, with a focus on stainless steel.

We also handle cement, ready-mix concrete, household equipment and materials, and various machineries, making us capable of responding to wide range of orders relating to household equipment construction materials.

Our operation covers a wide range of other products such as chemicals, petroleum (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, heavy oil, and other oils) sales and distribution and insurance service. We are striving forward to become a trading company capable of meeting a wide range of customer requests.

Address, telephone and FAX

Taiyo Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Headquarters (group): 39-160 Ootakemachi, Nobeoka-shi 882-0024;
TEL (0982)32-6354 FAX (0982)35-1113
Operation Group 1 (Steel): TEL (0982)33-6305; FAX (0982)21-3444
Operation Group 2 (Steel): TEL (0982)33-6305: FAX (0982)21-3444
Operation Group 3 (Devices, Household Equipments): TEL (0982)35-7555;
FAX (0982)35-1113
Operation Group 4 (Cement): TEL (0982)21-5735; FAX (0982)35-1113
SS Processing Center: TEL (0982)21-6168; FAX (0982)21-3455
Petroleum North: 12 Hagimachi, Nobeoka-shi 882-0052; TEL (0982)33-4708;
FAX (0982)33-7101
Petroleum South: 5-1505-5 Hirabarumachi, Nobeoka-shi; TEL (0982)33-6260;
FAX (0982)33-6224
Hyuga Office: 12002-95 Ooaza Hichiya-aza Oohama, Hyuuga-shi, 883-0062;
TEL (0982)53-7007; FAX (0982)53-7100
Miyazaki Office: 2099-4 Hongo Minamikata-aza Ishihara, Miyazaki-shi 880-0921;
TEL (0985)63-9590; FAX (0985)63-9591
Taiyo Kohgyo Concrete Co., Ltd.
Factory: 12002-95 Ooaza Hichiya-aza Oohama, Hyuuga-shi, 883-0062;
TEL (0982)52-5105; TEL (0982)55-0398 (Lab); FAX (0982)52-5106
Taiyo Kohgyo Transportation
39-160 Ootakemachi, Nobeoka-shi 882-0024; TEL (0982)33-4680;
FAX (0982)33-4662 Distribution Center: TEL (0982)32-6380
Taiyo Insurance Service
39-160 Ootakemachi Nobeoka-shi, 882-0024; TEL (0982)35-1111; FAX (0982)35-1113

Our Specialization

Taiyo Kohgyo Co., Ltd.
Sales Department

Sodium sulfate
Sodium sulfate anhydrous
Portland cement, blast furnace cement, early strength cement, UStabilizer, and others
Materials: SS (304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc.), iron, aluminum, titanium, copper alloy, and others
SS plates… coil plate, SS plate, diamond and other textured plate
Steel pipes… welded pipe, seamless pipe, decorative pipe, gas pipe
Steel beams… angle, channel, flat bar, round
Joints… elbow, T-joint, union, cap
Pipe flanges… insert type, blind type
Valves… globe valve, ball valve, gate valve, check valve
Bearing, wire mesh, wire rod, others
Cyclo reducer, transmission, compressor, centrifugal machine
Household equipments
Sanitary china, sink, bathroom vanity, boiler, pump, septic tank, PVC pipe, various other steel pipes and materials
Processing Department
SS processing
Shirring, plasma, laser, saw cutting, SS bending, welding (all kinds)
Petroleum Department
Gasoline, C heavy oil, diesel, kerosene, others
Bridgestone tires, Toyo tires, others
Taiyo Kohgyo Concrete
Ready-mix concrete manufacturing and sales
Taiyo Kohgyo Transportation
General freight transportation
Taiyo Insurance Service
Nonlife and life insurance agent (Sompo Japan and Sompo Japan Himawari Life Insurance)

Taiyo Kohgyo Cutter and Bending Press Specifications List : August 2006

Please scroll, if you cannot see the whole list.

<Shirring Cutter>
Model Manufacturer Manufactured in Allowed thickness Capable width
H-3013 AMADA June 1984 SS: up to 9t 3048mm
ESH-3013 AMADA January 2001 SS: up to 4t 3048mm
H-1213 AMADA April 1986 SS: up to 12t 1200mm

<Saw cutter>
Model Manufacturer Manufactured in Allowed size Feeding
H-250-SA AMADA Unknown Up to 250A (267.4φ) Manual
Modified HFA400 AMADA 1997 Up to 400A (406.4φ) 4t Automatic
HA250 AMADA 1989 Up to 250A (267.4φ) Automatic

<Laser cutter>
Model Manufacturer Manufactured in Allowed thickness Allowed sheet size
SUPER TURBOX510 MK Ⅱ Mazak 2000 SS: up to 6t 1524×3048

<Plate Bending Press>
Model Manufacturer Date of Manufacture Allowed size Feeding
RG-35 AMADA September 1991 SS: 4t~6t 100mm
SS: max 3t 800mm
HDS-1703NT AMADA July 2006 SS: 6t 3000mm
SS: 6t 3000mm
SS: max 4t 3000mm