Taisei Industry Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Address: 39-10 Ootakemachi, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki 882-0024
TEL: 0982-33-2552
FAX: 0982-21-1519
President: Kaname Yanagita
Capital: 10 million yen
Employees: 27
Established: January 1954
Business location scale: lot area 4,125㎡; building area 2,697㎡

Our Strength

We process Asahi valves of nominal diameter from 15 to 600A (14 models).
We are also experienced in irregularly-shaped resin valve parts.

Our specialization and main products

NC lathe, MC processing, combined lathe, 5-axis processing,DUO block, DMU-80P
Asahi valve
・ Butterfly valve 300-600A ・ Gate valve 30-250A
・ Swing check valve 15-50A ・ Air valve
・ Ball check valve 15-100A ・ Type 23 3BV 50-100A
・ Alfalfa valve 50A-100A ・ Type 21 BV ・ Automatic faucet ・ Type 14 DV
・ Type 15 BV

Metalworking Nonferrous metalworking Resin treatment IT parts

Various valve parts IC parts

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Taisei Industry Co., Ltd.