Senko Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Address: 39-25 Ootakemachi, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki 882-0024
TEL: 0982-31-1050
FAX: 0982-22-3047
President: Kazuo Nakamura
Capital: 182 Hundred 95 million yen
Employees: 651
Established: July 1946

Our Strength

Although we are an integrated distribution company, what our Nobeoka branch, Oodake operation office, handles is a different business.

For example, (1) heavy material construction assistance, such as delivery and installation of heavy items (including precision machinery), (2) Steel and wood frame packaging of various machinery, and (3) crane lease.

Of course, the Oodake office also handles distribution work, such as transportation, warehousing, moving, and stevedoring, but its main business is described above, which is somewhat unique.

Our specialization and products

  • Heavy material construction assistance, such as heavy item (including precision machinery) delivery and installation
  • Packaging of various machinery (steel, wood frame, etc.)
  • Crane lease (We possess 6 rough terrain cranes and 2 mini crawler cranes.)
  • Heavy item transportation, and general item transportation
  • Moving and office relocation
  • Warehousing, stevedoring and distribution processing

Facility in possession

  • 70-ton rough terrain crane: 1
  • 25-ton rough terrain crane: 4
  • 10-ton rough terrain crane: 1
  • 28-ton low floor trailer: 1
  • 18-ton trailer: 1
  • 10-ton wing truck: 1
  • 4-ton wing truck (power gate): 1
  • 4-ton wing truck: 1
  • 3-ton wing truck: 1
  • 2-ton wing truck (power gate): 1
  • 2-ton wing truck: 1
  • 2-ton Unic truck (2.8 ton lifting crane): 1
  • 2.8 ton lifting small crawler crane: 2
  • High place work vehicle: 1
  • 4-ton lift
  • 2.5-ton lift (LPG)
  • 2.5-ton lift (electric)

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Senko Co., Ltd.