Samejima Tekkosyo Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Address: 39-12 Ootakemachi, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki 882-0024
TEL: 0982-35-3111
FAX: 0982-34-0113
President: Chieko Samejima
Capital: 10 million yen
Established: August 7th, 1946
Employees: 40
Factory scale: 3,076㎡; building area: 1,521㎡

Our Strength

  1. Repair and maintenance of hydraulic plants
    Gate lining replacement
    Ground joint of scour gate
    Screen, gate and hoist repairs; wire replacement; and overhaul of strainers
    Screen and gate fabrication
    Intensity calculation and drawing the plans
  2. Fabrication and maintenance of ion exchange membrane electrolytic tank (for caustic soda manufacturing)
    Fabrication of electrolytic tank and terminals
    Renewal of positive and negative electrodes (including the parts repair)
    Electrolytic testing tank fabrication (various types and sizes, from plant size to experimental size)
  3. Titanium, nickel and copper welding
  4. Chemical plant maintenance
    Maintenance of high pressure gas and first class pressure vessels
    Pump – agitation tank – overhaul of heat exchanger
  5. Waterworks installation
  6. Design by commission
No matter how small or big, if you’ve got a problem, we will offer a solution.
Water supply and sewage repair (we are officially designated for public waterworks); water flow difficulty; utility bill went up; etc.
Fabrication and repair of staircases and handrails: The stairs are unstable and dangerous; or it is rusty and unreliable.
Welding and repair of farm equipments: Broken hoes, broken plow shafts, etc.
Fabrication and repair of drain ditch cover plate: Warped or broken plates
Tip-resistant treatment for home furniture
Earthquake safety measures for houses: Reinforcement of posts/columns
Installation of gate ball facilities and toilet cabins
Fabrication of BBQ tables (brick + steel plate)
Repair of park equipments: Repair and fabrication of slides, climbing frames (“jungle gym”), etc.

Our specialization

  1. Maintenance work
    Maintenance of plant devices: Pump repair – support repair – heat exchanger maintenance – pipe work repair
    Daily or routine inspection
    Maintenance planning
    High pressure gas, inspection and maintenance of first-class pressure vessels, etc.
    Nickel and titanium welding work
    Cast metal welding and aluminum welding work
    Chlorine corrosion resistant coating
  2. Facility works (tank, duct and pipe work)
    Installation and piping of devices
    PVC, FRP, GU piping system installation
    Fire hydrant pipe arrangement (Category: Class A-1)
    Drawing (not designing)
  3. Demolition work
    Plant facilities
  4. Floodgate related works
    Screen, gate, hoist, wire replacement, strainer maintenance
    Fabrication of screens and gates
    Calculation for floodgate related work
    Replacement of crane asbestos (brake)
    Fabrication and installation of river water intake gates (up toΦ800 and □800)
  5. Statutory inspection, routine inspection, non-stationary testing, and maintenance of overhead cranes
  6. Fabrication of “ikesu” fish pond frame