Ikegami Reinetsu Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Address: 39-163 Ootakemachi, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki 882-0024
TEL: 0982-21-3411
FAX: 0982-32-8167
Chairman and CEO: Takehiro Ikegami
President: Hiroshi Kaneko
Capital: 20 million yen
Employees: 21
Established: October 1982
Business location scale: lot area 2,770㎡; building area 951㎡


We respond to the requests of our customers with solid technical capabilities and richly experienced human resources, as a local business deeply rooted in the community.

Our specialization

  • General air-conditioning deviceson
  • Freezers, refrigerators and various cooling deviceson
  • Clean room devices
  • Temperature and humidity stabilizers
  • Cooling system for special air-conditioning
  • Water sanitary plumbing and heating system
  • Air supply/exhaust/ventilation system
  • Solar power system and all-electric device installation
  • Home renovation

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Ikegami Reinetsu Co., Ltd.