Asahi Kozai Kohgyo Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

Address: 39-16 Oodakemachi, Nobeoka-shi, Miyazaki 882-0024
TEL: 0982-33-3511
FAX: 0982-21-6917
President: Motonori Tanaka
Capital: 50 million yen
Established: April 1961
Employees: 22
Business location scale: lot area 8,135㎡; building area 3,265㎡

Our Strength

Deeply rooted in northern Miyazaki, we aim at becoming a company that customers trust us in sharing their thoughts and information.

We started as a company that handles general steel materials and steel plate shearing and sales, then, expanded into stainless steel sales, processing, and pipe work materials. We are aiming at becoming a local “handyman” company by handling materials and resources in the field of civil engineering.

Also, we recognize the importance of meeting the delivery time, and are in the process of establishing the instant delivery system.

We promise to keep up with the ever-changing business, and strive toward community-based operations, in order to accurately respond to the customer needs.